October 2019

Oct 6-Quiz practice @ C.C. 2:30-4pm
Oct 7-Education team meets @ 7pm
Oct 7-Elder’s meets @ 7pm
Oct 7-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Oct 10-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Oct 11– Quiz Meet teams arrive
Oct 12-Quiz meet at GFC
Oct 13-Quiz practice C.C. 2:30-4pm
Oct 14-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Oct 17-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Oct 18-All Church Harvest Party @ Fillmore’s
Oct 20-C.C. 2:30-4pm Quiz Practice
Oct 21-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Oct 24-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Oct 25-Shabbat @CC with Tina, 630pm
Oct 27-Connection Sunday@ GFA The Commons
Oct 27-CC 2:30-4pm
Oct 31– Trunk or Treat, parking lot behind the church, sponsored by Nathan’s café

November 2019

Nov 1-Harvest Dinner at GFA 5:30 –8p
Nov-Christmas Bazaar @ GFA 9am-9pm
Nov 2-Christmas Bazaar @ GFA 9am-3pm
Nov 2-Grizzly Pancake Breakfast @ GFA 9am
Nov 2-Harvest Classic 5K fun run @ GFA, 10am
Nov 3-Quiz practice @ C.C. 2:30-4pm
Nov 4-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Nov 4-Education team meets @ 7pm
Nov 4-Elder’s meets @ 7pm
Nov 7-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Nov 10--Quiz practice @ C.C. 2:30-4pm
Nov 11-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Nov 14Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Nov 18Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Nov 21-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Nov 24-6-Quiz practice @ C.C. 2:30-4pm
Nov 25-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Nov 28-Exercise class @ C.C. 7-8pm
Nov-24 Connection Sunday @ GFA The Commons