June 19th Sermon Assignment

Over a 5 or more day period prayerfully read Colossians 3:1-17 at least 5 times.


The main challenge of Colossians is that we remain rooted in Christ (see 2:6-7).  How does 3:1-17 emphasize or connect with our remaining rooted in Christ? How do verses 5-17 relate to the emphasis in 3:1-4 that we seek things above and not things that are on earth?


Prayerfully ask the Lord if there is a specific word or emphasis out of these verses in Colossians for you. What do you need to take off and put on?


Ask the Lord if there is a message or instruction from these verses that he would like to give to our entire group at Greenleaf Friends. Ask the Lord if you should share what the Lord says to you with the church on June 19. We will combine open worship and the sermon time on the 19th. Pastor Alan will invite those who are directed by the Lord to speak to share their message from these verses.